our approach

Each client is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your body reach its full potential. We deliver custom exercise choices, tailored to you--your body, your current state, your one-of-a-kind fitness goals.

we believe in a unique and customized pilates experience for each and every client.


Serene is a natural motivator who teaches clients to embrace their power. Her way of sequencing a program and exercise repertoire is limitless with her extensive fitness background. Her creativity with teaching, mixed with a healthy fun attitude is a recipe for success. She takes great pride in inspiring others to love their body and movement at any age.

Serene stands tall at 5'1'', and is a woman of strength and rigor. Growing up as a gymnast she found freedom, grace, and power within her sport as she pushed herself beyond expectations.

However, as a teenager, she relocated with her family away from her home gym where she started her gymnastics career. The decision to take her career to the next level, required a large commitment financially and for her family as well. So, she stopped traditional gymnastic training and did her own training at home. Accessing tree branches as parallel bars, wood planks as beams, jumping for hours on her trampoline she still has an outlet for her love of movement. There was nothing like it, and she knew it would always be with her.

While attending junior college before transferring to UCLA, she took her first Pilates class and it re-awaken her love for movement. The focus, concentration, and control she instilled in her body at a young age were found again! The mind-body connection was reignited through her Pilates practice and she felt alive!

After practicing Pilates for 8 years, she took her love for it to the next level and became a certified Pilates instructor through BASI (Body Arts and Science International). She discovered that she loved teaching movement as much as she loved moving her own body!

Since then, she has built a successful business teaching in Palo Alto, CA, U Strive Pilates. Serene also holds certifications in Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms), TRX, Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies (BASI), as well as BASI Pilates Mentor Program. She is a strong believer in continuing education, self-growth, and pursues to expand her knowledge of her practice. 

She is able to modify and tailor each exercise to meet a client’s needs. Individuals of all ages become stronger, more flexible and increase their mind-body awareness through her classes. She loves to see her clients grow towards better health on their own Pilates journey. 



Functional Range Conditioning FRCms

BASI Pilates Mentor Program
BASI Pilates Pathologies & Injuries

UCLA, BA 2006